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Christian Fashion in the UK breaking grounds!

Christian Fashion in the UK breaking grounds!

Children of the Light Co, by far is the best christian online fashion store with mesmerising illustrative designs that reflect biblical messages for both end user and viewers.

“MADE” T-Shirt by COTL

The mission is to create garments from street wear to smart wear, eye wear, lounge wear and other fashionable goods, suitable for young growing christians around the world whilst adapting their style and designs to the ever growing needs of the young generation. The company innovates its products across all collections to bring fresh, trendy and savvy garments to end users. Each year, they produce new street wear designs with specific themes to promote good morals and values of a christian life. The aim is to engage the younger generation in desiring a relationship with God without comprising the “cool” street looks. Another amazing feature COTL brings to the world, they accumulate 40% of each sale and invest in the community with the aim of bringing about change through strategic projects. These projects could involve church groups, fine artists, illustrators or musicians, the possibilities are endless.

Finally, COTL also takes care of their customers with a wide range of amazing offers, they ship worldwide for FREE. That’s right, free shipping for everyone. Why not take a look in store now and get up to 50% off your first order!

Women’s “MADE” Longline Hoodie — Navy



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